5 Benefits For Content Marketing

The advent of Content Marketing continues to grow, causing us to consume nearly 10 hours of content per day. Whether white papers, eBooks , infographics, survey reports, specialized blogs, forums.  You understand that choosing or not the Content Marketing is not really an option anymore.

Offer information:

Before buying a good or a service, the future customer – both B2B and B2C – learns about products via the internet. So you have to give him some answers. Creating content to answer questions, cover the entire scope of your business, is important and generates visibility. Do you know that a prospect who does not find the content he needs on your site will go see the competition.

Attract prospects and new customers:

          Where traditional advertising interrupts the consumer in an attempt to capture their attention, Content Marketing adds value to your customers by providing rich information: videos, images, graphics, eBooks and more. You will be able to establish a relationship of trust with your existing and potential customers, who will be more willing to buy.

Note that :

  • Blogging companies have 55% more visitors
  • 60% of Internet users see in a more positive way a company that regularly publishes content on its site
  • The publication of quality content is one of the reasons pushing users to follow a company on Facebook and Twitter.

Improve your SEO:

Content Marketing also helps strengthen your SEO, SEO – Search Engine Optimization .

Search engines are fond of new, fresh, unique and relevant content . By adopting and implementing a content strategy, you will meet all of these criteria. So, in addition to providing useful content to your customers, you will greatly improve your search engine positioning, and therefore your visibility. As a result, your number of customers can only increase.

Be careful all the same with the use of Rich Media content, for which it is more difficult to make them “Search Engine Friendly”.

Feed social networks:

Your business is already surely present on social networks. This is good, but must still succeed in feeding them as it should. That’s why your content strategy is perfect. Instead of offering generic content, Content Marketing allows you to create interesting content that can easily be shared . After which you can generate leads (qualified traffic) and offer to fill out a form or download your latest white paper for example.

Build your reputation:

As you can see, Content Marketing allows you to publish quality information under various types. This 360 ° approach offers many possibilities for your brand to increase its notoriety.

Become the specialist (“leadership”), the reference to trust when talking about a topic.