Final Fantasy XV

If you want to take part in a vast adventure , join Prince Noctis and his friends to save the kingdom, in Final Fantasy 15, Royal Edition.

Originally released in 2016, after long years of expectations, Final Fantasy 15 has won the hearts of many players with sublime graphics and a coherent universe . Final Fantasy RPG fans have discovered an innovative, but well-thought-out combat system that allows players to be at the heart of real-time battles. The neophytes, who discovered Final Fantasy through its fifteenth episode, were impressed by the landscapes of a world that seems to exist before your eyes.

The adventure of the original Final Fantasy 15 lasted, for its main quest, a little twenty hours (which is relatively short for a FF!). But the additional contents have come out since then and they make it possible to lengthen this lifetime . And all DLC releases since 2016 are available in this Royal Edition! It will also be an opportunity to benefit from the additions and improvements that have been made since, including the addition of a more immersive first-person game mode , as well as new bosses and new weapons.

Final Fantasy 15 is a game that makes you travel. The characters are endearing, to their ways, and we get caught in the story quickly. In addition, the fact of moving by car at times offers a sense of pleasure. You will feel tiny in the face of the huge creatures that you will come across sometimes, and your weapons or magic will not be too much to face the many enemies who will get in your way.

Browse the dungeons of the vast world that awaits you, discover new cities, discuss with the inhabitants of this virtual world, and try to discover all the secrets. This should take care of you for many hours!

Each new edition of Final Fantasy is an event in the world of video games and this one has not deviated to the rule. Although imperfect, with a little aliasing on the characters’ hair, or artificial intelligence a bit strawberry in some clashes, we still face one of the best PS4 games. This edition Royale allows in addition to enjoy the game in its entirety, and thus to deepen points of the main adventure.