Spyro Reignited Trilogy – A classic back among the best games on PS4

the current video game industry, fashion is reissuing titles that have enjoyed fame in the past. We could sigh and moan at the lack of creativity of the studios, except that the remake we are talking about is … Spyro  ! And he offers us not one but three titles of the adventures of the little dragon that made us dream on Playstation 1 and 2, mainly. We will not sulk our pleasure, far from it!

Spyro is a purple dragon appeared in 1998 on Playstation. In a 3D world, we helped our young dragon save his kingdom, collecting jewels and releasing dragons locked by the terrible wizard Gnasty Gnorc. Spyro’s second adventure comes out the next year and takes us to new lands, meeting locals that only our dragon friend can help. Finally, the third title that comes to close this trilogy expands the panel of playable characters, and manages to vary the gameplay.

These three family titles , taking place in colorful worlds, are real jewels of playability and humor. They are able to please the little ones, who will wander in the fairy worlds by facing the enemies they meet, as well as the big ones who will try to find all the jewels or the orbs of the kingdom, to complete the adventure to 100%

The title we present here, Spyro Reignited Trilogy , offers to relive the exciting adventures of this little dragon on PlayStation 4, with graphics given to the tastes of the day and a gameplay that benefits from the advancement of technology. And to say it again, relive these epic quests in HD is a real pleasure!

The graphics are a credit to the Sony machine , and we take pleasure in browsing the land full of life in this universe. The gameplay is perfect for both young players and their parents, who may have known the first versions at the time. This generation of console is often criticized for its lack of old-fashioned platform games: that’s enough to satisfy fans of oldies. We saw last year, with undisguised pleasure, the remake of Crash Bandicoot, we are ready to welcome Spyro with the same joy.

Very quickly, this game should acquire its place among the best games on PS4 , if he follows the glory of his elders. We wish him.