Yoga For Seniors

Yoga has emerged as a form of complete exercise suitable for people of all ages. With time and age our vital energy as well as physical, dimunue.

Practices with breathing and meditation techniques have made yoga one of the most popular and appreciated practices around the world.

And about yoga in the elderly, do you know that when it is practiced with certain rules, it is a very safe technique? We all know that with age there are many health problems. The body begins to show signs of weakness manifesting itself in joint pain, sleep disorders, tension problems, diabetes and other afflictions.

In summary, not only can we say that as you get older, a person needs to exercise to stay fit but also to maintain good peace of mind and mental health.

Yoga is a way of finding an effective answer to all these problems. According to research, older people who practice yoga regularly have a life of much better quality, in terms of physical health, emotional balance and also mental health.

The benefits of yoga among seniors.

As we know, yoga is the key to good mental and physical health at any age. You acquire muscles, a slimmer body and a way of life free of all forms of stress. This habit of old life is accompanied by the benefits of yoga that can relieve a lot of problems.

Yoga is for any age

Regulates blood pressure

Yoga involves exercises and stretches that push the body to its limits. This ensures good blood circulation in all parts of the body. The breathing techniques that accompany the exercises help the flow of oxygen and relax both the body and the mind. This is a very good thing for the blood pressure balance because it is a recurring problem in the elderly. Yoga helps regulate blood pressure. Yoga gives a very good balance on the mind, the emotions and the body.

Relieves pain

As you get older, you are often faced with joint and muscle problems. The various yoga exercises are known to give more flexibility to the joints. Muscle stretching also relieves pain in the joints and muscles. According to a study of older people with joint pain, regular yoga practice helps relieve most of the symptoms associated with joint pain and other similar problems.

Combat sleep disorders

Sleep disorders are very common in the elderly. Yoga, thanks to its practices and relaxation techniques, helps to find sleep. Especially seniors who have difficulty sleeping. The techniques of breathing control, concentration and relaxation help to find healthy sleep habits that allow you to face the day with new energy.

Harmonization of social life

Thanks to the practice we have a dynamic body with a higher vital energy, it allows us to feel joy and inner peace and it allows us to keep a positive life.

Pranayama this allows us later to be more secure and sociable in our daily lives.

The different practices and techniques also help to better oxygenate all the different parts of the body. It also helps the elderly to keep an immense flow of vital energy that helps to give a good balance to harmonization.

Treatment of breathing difficulties

Some exercises, mainly pranayama, have effective effects on people with breathing difficulties and diseases such as bronchitis and asthma, etc. Some practices stretching the muscles have proven effective in breathing problems. Yoga also reduces stress and anxiety, which soothes the body and reduces the symptoms associated with difficult breathing.